nedjelja, 3. listopada 2010.

nedjelja, 26. rujna 2010.


a kao retro..

utorak, 21. rujna 2010.

ponedjeljak, 20. rujna 2010.

subota, 18. rujna 2010.

a doodle..

a "quick" onehour doodle from last nighht while watching descent 2 (crapy)..
tanga man and generic "no costume" girl crime fighting duo!!

utorak, 7. rujna 2010.

Danger room

Logan, family and porn... will finish this page tomorrow and then I'll repost! :D

srijeda, 25. kolovoza 2010.


Inking..? I don't think so..

petak, 13. kolovoza 2010.

oversized white ninja!!

I was drawing a fight scene for practice but I was bored so I made it in to a whole comic page!

utorak, 3. kolovoza 2010.


ink not good, but I like the pose.

and a running batman...

ponedjeljak, 26. srpnja 2010.


well.. a bit of pencil work for a change because my inking still sucks.. but not for looong!!! buahaha!

srijeda, 21. srpnja 2010.


this one is trying to kick W's ass.. (the right foot is to small... I knoooow!)

then.. notorious the EX..

and a random, strange pole gun warrior... or somethin

utorak, 20. srpnja 2010.

a little warm up comic..

this is a little warm up comic just for practise before something bigger. 4-5 pages max
this one is the first, not finished, but close.

and the third..

THE SANDOW and others

first.. THE SANDOW!

and Doctor DoomSkull..

and a random capt. A "ink"

subota, 17. srpnja 2010.

few oldies..

a generic heroine and good old capt. A.
heroine is a bit sucky but it was on the same paper as the capt. so... capt. looks ok.. :) well.. shild sucks but the rest is ok...

few random faces..


Back, finally!

too much studying make my brain go b00 boo

ponedjeljak, 21. lipnja 2010.

in a hurry..

I'll post some finished work soon, with fists and feet and all. :) ouu yeah. Maybe even inked work. ( the horror!) But for now few recent sketches.

and another wolverine.. :)

Domehead.. I'll try to ink this bastard. And by Ink I mean fuck it up with.. ink and ink related products.

and the epic battle of Captain Proper vs. The Handy-Man.

srijeda, 16. lipnja 2010.

few concept sketches..

a post apocalyptic something guy and a monstery creature thingy..

unfinished like 95% of my drawings... :)

utorak, 15. lipnja 2010.

wolverine sketches..

actually practicing anatomy. that is why he is so "hairless"

and naked..

and another..

fists suck,but I think the rest works..

a couple of conans for start..

"die evil bald ruffian , DIE!"