četvrtak, 3. studenoga 2011.

subota, 22. listopada 2011.

threadless and a boy

99% finished

sketch done, now some ink and color to finish. They will be coming from a green tube, a more comicbook look on super mario saving the princes scene.

and a hellboy. it was a unfinished sketch that I decided to ink. did not finish the coat.

srijeda, 19. listopada 2011.

and now something different

 just sketches but I will ink them and if they don't look like shit will post them. :)

petak, 7. listopada 2011.

new threadless stuff

 just sketches, but soon I hope finished and posted for scoring. :)

dead inks

some messed up inks

utorak, 27. rujna 2011.

Back with the vengeance!

for threadless


page one!

page one (penciles) of an upcoming wolverine comic "danger room". will try to ink it without screwing it up..

konan vs DINOMEN!

ofcourse not finished... And I will lie again and say, "will finish and repost!" :D

srijeda, 21. rujna 2011.

Dwarfs!! aka "close enough"

Not finished, but close enough to post on blog. I do plan to finish them, and re-post then.

subota, 17. rujna 2011.

petak, 16. rujna 2011.

few more

Thorgriba the halfdwarf troll slayer. 

and xena, the half-finished 

četvrtak, 15. rujna 2011.

utorak, 6. rujna 2011.

today's practice inks!

Thory!!! I forgot the wingy thingies on his helmet. Not finished.
His face looks like it's from an angry old granny.

...and a Fatman beating up a Scarecrow. Robin is helping. 

nedjelja, 4. rujna 2011.

betty BOO gets another chance

                                klik "amazing" to see this superduper design printed!


petak, 2. rujna 2011.

Pillow Fight, WIP

second version of PF. this one I will paint.

srijeda, 24. kolovoza 2011.


girl is a she-hulk.. hair sucks, will repost a redo.

srijeda, 17. kolovoza 2011.

četvrtak, 11. kolovoza 2011.

some sketches

like the title said, some sketches.. 

ponedjeljak, 25. srpnja 2011.


I need a text!

petak, 15. srpnja 2011.

threadless dwarf?

                                                    a possible design for threadless?

some stuff II

had a little spare time, so I did a few superhero practise sketches. not to sucky and none of the sketches are finished.
a retro steroid cyclops..

a girl super hero! :)

and spidey vs rhino, 

nedjelja, 3. srpnja 2011.

Pillow fight!!! (WIP)

don't really know how to paint this one... will post progress.

Spoiler alert:)

buy here :):)

thnx, Nestor and Rico.. :)