ponedjeljak, 21. lipnja 2010.

in a hurry..

I'll post some finished work soon, with fists and feet and all. :) ouu yeah. Maybe even inked work. ( the horror!) But for now few recent sketches.

and another wolverine.. :)

Domehead.. I'll try to ink this bastard. And by Ink I mean fuck it up with.. ink and ink related products.

and the epic battle of Captain Proper vs. The Handy-Man.

srijeda, 16. lipnja 2010.

few concept sketches..

a post apocalyptic something guy and a monstery creature thingy..

unfinished like 95% of my drawings... :)

utorak, 15. lipnja 2010.

wolverine sketches..

actually practicing anatomy. that is why he is so "hairless"

and naked..

and another..

fists suck,but I think the rest works..

a couple of conans for start..

"die evil bald ruffian , DIE!"